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lunes, 5 de julio de 2010


1980…my memory is for Olimpic Games in Moscow.
Spain got six medals (only one gold) Abascal and Noguer,Menendez and Del Riego,Menendez and Ramos Misioné,LLopart,Hockey and David Lopez Zubero.
It´s time for british Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett.In basket Jugoslavija wins 8-0 to get gold medal…players like Kicanovic,Dalipagic or my favourite Mirza Delibasic…Spain is fourth.
Great Nadia Comaneci,Wladimir Salnikov, but Olimpic Games were marred because USA Boicot.
Other way I composed two songs ,both with collaboration….
First, “Glass Sound” born on music by my Uncle Angel Alcedo one of the people most positive and important in my long music road.


Sound is something
That little people get to understand
But I travel with wings over the wall.

Glass Sound,in a world
That’s new for me and my new life
It is something stranger but I can not find….

Glass sound in my body , in my soul
Glass sound in my body , in my soul.

A feeling it comes to me
And I don´t know how it is
But I’m really sure It does in me

So,I think in the glass
And in his sweet sound
I should know If I though I’ll be understand.

Glass sound in my body , in my soul
Glass sound in my body , in my soul.
Glass sound in my body , in my soul.

Curiously in that year , 4 guys and me formed a music band called Glass Sound .It is the best group I ever had.

Second was a song composed with the help of my cousin Antonio Puente.
It is an ecological son called….


The moon brights in the sky
But you’ll never see it for black smoke
Brother , You don’t know
How much hard is the life in the water.

Polution is the cancer of life
What’s the matter with us?
No one knows like It’ll be
When It will finish, yeah.

Baby, leave your dirt in the fields
Destroy your world
Don’t let it to exist
Brother, Why’s your heart down?
Why’s your mind out?
Maybe you’re not you

Polution is the cancer of life
It´s killing your time
What is this? My oh my
How will It finish ?, yeah.

And with these two songs I closed my album called It’s raining.

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