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jueves, 24 de junio de 2010


“Some years ago” was composed in October ,15,1978.
My poor English (again and again) gave it an incorrect form. At the beginning the song was called “It does years” .This is a direct translation to English ,the Spanish title was “Hace años”.
During several years the song was sung with “It does years” till I rediscovered it and I made it (I think) the correct way.
Speak about a story of a tired man .He was tired for fighting…I only was fourteen..hahhahaha.
And this is the song …

SOME YEARS AGO (It does years)

Some years ago, I felt strong
I had wanted … quietly …I walked with you
I should have wanted you came to me
But look, I felt sad I forsake my strength

Perhaps, If I´d had you loved enough
For having a little worth failing me
But I´d have not my heart was steel red hot
And I could never be near to you for fear

Never, never…I´d never smile some years ago
I though that love for me enough
But all It will frustrate an a languid day
And I´d never get to know if perhaps you want

Some years ago, I felt strong
I´d have wanted, I´d have wanted you´ll get back
I´d have wanted , You´d never go
But look, I feel blue, I forsake my strength
I forsake my strength
I forsake my strength
In all these years
In all these years .

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